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Again - Mary Calmes
This was so bad it made me want to take a close look at the author and ask myself if I want to support her career with future book purchases, unless I need to rate this potentially important book a 5 star.

The story of Noah and Dante and how they seperated was beyond implausible unless Ms. Calmes had something different in mind.

I noticed this was one of Ms. Calmes lowest rated books. I think there was a lot of confusion from her readers.

And upon a reread of the book I came to the conclusion that the characters were not as they appear at face value.

I took a closer look at the characters and discovered:

Noah- sweet, weak (deals with trauma laying on the floor while friend spoon feed him), obsessed (drained his life savings to have a child with wealthy, Dante).

Dante-strong, controlling, manipulative, pathological liar, boarding on sociopathic tendencies. He always gets what he wants and if he had wanted Noah over the past 5 years, nothing would have stopped him.

Keith- great guy, clearly loved him iand Grace loved Keith.

When rereading the book I discovered Dante’s mother and brother both appeared concerned for Noah, as Dante was trying to reenter his life. Do they know something?

The biggest tell was when Noah and Dante walked in on Keith and Wes. Noah’s reactions and inability to accept his part. It was all about blame.

Dante wants one things- Gracie- and nothing will stop him.

The sad story of a pitiful man obsessed with a controlling liar.

Had Ms. Calmes gone an extra step in this potentially important story, I feel her readers, including myself could have been blown away.