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The Archer

The Archer - Abigail Roux Six of the words best, highly skilled Undercover Agents.

Brandt, Remy, Shawn, Nikolaus, Carl & Thiago

They gather in a remote cabin for their mission. A massive explosion. Remy is severely wounded.,
They locate a Veterinarian to administer first aid.
In cold blood, Brant wants to execute the innocent Vet. to cover tracks.
The other agents convince him not to.

6 agents, 1 we know is evil.
How will this potentially exciting 600 page story play out?

Let me help you out?
Above where it says, the "best highly skilled undercover agents".
Yea, ignore that.
In it's place put:
1 evil and 5 bumbling, idiotic, dick driven, stooges.


Youre a slut,
No I'm not.
Yes you are
Somebody please run your hands through my curly hair
I love him.
And he loves you. Let's fuck. But someone please run their hand through my curly hair as a tear falls from my face.
I love you and you love me but what about him?
I thought I loved you but it wasn't love. Let's watch those 2 fuck. But please rub your hands through my curly hair while stroking my chin.
I need to blow up something. But if you butt fuck me I wont need to blow up something.
Oh my god I killed him, I want to die. But please fuck me first before I kill myself, and don't forget to rub your hands through my curly hair.
You're a liar
No I'm not
You are a liar.
No I'm not.
You betrayed us-
Yes, but I'm not a liar.
I am going to kill him
You shot me and it was my fault, wont you forgive me?
No, it was my fault, please forgive me?
I do forgive you but do you forgive me?
Yes I forgive you.
But how can you forgive me after I shot you?
Because I love you and it was my fault that you shot me.
Wha? Fuck me and run your fingers through my curly hair.
I thought you loved him.
That was yesterday.
Wont somebody gently wrap their arms around my waist and nuzzle my neck while running your hands through my curly hair and brush the single tear from my face. But I hate you.
I need to blow up a building with innocent people. But first won't somebody dump their load up my ass?
I love you-wait-YES I'm right, it's you I love and it's you I hate. Right, wait, wha? Of fuck-just somebody run their hands through my curly hair.
I killed him- I want die.
But you can't die, we all love you-
Fuck you I want to die. But please stroke my chin gently and rub your hands through my curly hair.
I love you-
No, you loved me yesterday. Today you love him.
Oh right, thanks.
Oh I love you. Please fuck my hole while the other 4 watch and run your hands through my curly hair.
I killed him.
Yes,I want to die but fuck me first and run your hands through my curly hair.
He doesn't love me, oh god, I have to blow up something.
Wait, who do I love?
Dang-I shot him again.

Page 576, YES 576 pages!


ps-evil guy finds love instead of accountability.